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日本留学生日常课程作业:关于出国留学的利弊对工作的影响What is one pro and one con of studying abroad

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What is one pro and one con of studying abroad

As we all known, there are a lot of people who choose to go abroad to further their studies. Nowadays studying abroad has come into a fashion. Not onlycan you learnmore things from various aspects, but also youwill be able to make friendswith others from around the world by studying abroad,so studying abroad is often considered as a great opportunity which will bring studentsa bright future. However, negative influences about studying abroad have been gradually emerging from our society,these negative influences include thatstudying abroad may be very hard and very expensive, and you may miss many things which you Previously owned.
On one hand, studying abroad may acquire a lot of benefits. Firstly, You can have a wide variety of experiences and broaden your horizons. We always believed that the ways in which we are thinking are the only way and the best way.Living in a new environment may contributetoour new ways of thinking and doing things.Secondly, you will get to know a lot of people ,you can make friends with the locals of the country you are studying in andothers from around the world.Thirdly, this experienceof studying abroad will give you good memories you will never forget. The experience in this special time will be going to have an impact on your life.
On the other hand, the pros may be shadowed by the risksgained from studying abroad.Firstly, Studying abroad is not a very easy task. At the early moments almost everyone will be exposed to some culture shock, you may not be the exception. You will miss all of thingswithwhich you are familiar. Apart from this,you have to accept thatadjustingto a new life may last for a long time. Secondly, studying abroad will have to cost you a lot of money.Unfortunately, students studying abroaddon’t be allowed to work in most countries. Do your parents can afford this expenditure, or can you have someone support you?
One coin has two sides.Indeed,studying abroad may have positivemerits as well as negative affects. The mostimportant thing we should do is tosolvethe problem about the foundsforstudying abroad, because itis the foundationthat you cansuccessfullystudy abroad. In addition to this aspect, youmust try tolearn the languageof the country you will go to,and youmust adapt tothe lifestylein that country as quickly as possible. Only can we take measures to solve these problems we are bearing in our life when we are studying abroad, we will be able to have a pleasant experience of studying abroad.


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