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耐克公司的二次源整合Secondary Source Integration

论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:学术文章 Scholarship Essay登出时间:2017-08-24编辑:anne点击率:3323

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关键词:二次源整合Secondary Source Integration


2010年5月20日,耐克公司公布了他们的“写下未来”运动,这一运动引发了世界性的关注,标志着耐克的成功。这项活动是面向业余足球运动员的,他们有机会通过nikefootball.com发挥他们的特长来展示踢球技术。这个网站的特色是允许业余玩家上传自己的照片和视频来展示他们作为耐克学院足球营候选人的潜力。耐克学院足球营与英国的英超联赛合作,可以让参赛者得到来自世界上最大的足球队的球探认可。然而,为了开始这个活动,耐克公司承担了一个包含科幻属性的广告来吸引世界的关注。这些特点是通过描述职业足球运动员在足球比赛中改变他们未来的能力来完成的广告。这三分钟的广告,包括今天的一些最伟大的足球运动员和体育明星;Dider Drogba,法比奥·卡纳瓦罗,韦恩·鲁尼,里贝利等等。这些专业外观在商业广告中协助描绘这一广告在观众中所追求的影响力。

On May 20, 2010 the Nike Corporation revealed their “Write the Future” campaign that launched into a worldwide phenomenon further marking Nike’s success. This campaign is geared towards amateur soccer players all around the world who can have the opportunity to play as rigorously as their heroes through nikefootball.com. A feature on this website allows the amateur players to upload their own photos and videos to demonstrate their potential as a candidate for the Nike Academy Football Camp. The Nike Academy Football Camp partners with the Barclays Premier League in England allowing the participants to get recognition from scouts from some of the world’s largest soccer teams. However in order to get this campaign started Nike took on the task of gaining the attention of the world with an advertisement that contains science fiction attributes. These traits are executed through depictions of professional soccer players’ ability to change their future based on the moves they make during a soccer game. This three minute ad consists of some of today’s greatest soccer players and sports icons; Dider Drogba, Fabio Cannavaro, Wayne Rooney, and Franck Ribery to name a few. These professional appearances throughout the commercial assist in depicting the level of influence this ad is striving for within its audience.
The ad begins with a soccer ball soaring through the air primarily captured by Dider Drogba. Throughout this beginning scene the background is laced with fast paced rock music that encapsulates the adrenaline of the players on the field. The combination of the music and the thousands of fans yelling in the stadium sets a suspenseful mood for the viewer, especially those who are fans of Dider. While Dider has control of the soccer ball he performs a couple of slow-motion moves, which ultimately includes shooting the ball. The significance of these moves is to emphasize their level of difficulty to those watching as well as to endorse the Nike logo behind the player. After the shot, the commercial gives a glimpse of the future shown with Dider’s country happily celebrating with yells, hugs and fireworks exploding in the backdrop. However in an instant Fabio Cannavaro changes the outcome of Dider’s future while he blocks the shot with a back flip kick causing the celebratory yells to turn into groans of defeat and shame. This back flip also gives a glimpse of Cannavaro’s future, which depicts him as an instant national hero with his own television show for the public to view. In the article “When Celebrities Talk, Children Listen: An Experimental Analysis of Children’s Responses to TV Ads with Celebrity Endorsement” from the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology at University of Kansas, authors Rhonda Ross, Toni Campbell, John Wright, Aletha Huston, Mabel rice, and Peter Turk state, “Commercials with celebrity endorsement may cause children to attribute qualities to the products that they do not posses” (186). This quote implies to viewers that with Nike’s Athletic apparel one will have the extra capacity to carry out these life-changing论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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