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如何让企业家站在世界舞台上How to make entrepreneurs stand on the world stage

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关键词:Chinese entrepreneurshipreform中国企业家精神改革



目前,世界经济一体化发展的速度越来越快,全球产业结构调整和移民结构重大,中国企业的市场环境发生了很大的变化,企业成长环境的不确定性增加,竞争激烈加强了面对新形势,如果中国企业未来能够发展壮大,企业家素质就是决定性的功能。如果中国想要在未来发展经济,那么中国要创造一个具有较强的创新精神和发展能力的现代化企业家,同时中国也需要培养一批具有国际管理水平的企业家领导者。因此,从中国事实经济出发,研究调查高素质企业家建设的相关问题对于调整中国工业和提高竞争力是非常重要的。At present, the tenor of world economic integration become more and more quick, the global industry presents significant structure adjustment and migration in the region, the market environment of Chinese enterprise has changed very greatly, the indetermination of enterprise growth environment has increased and the competition has strengthened. Facing to new situation, if the Chinese enterprise can develop to strengthen in the future, the entrepreneur diathesis is the decisive function. If China want to last his economy to developed in the future, then China has to create some modernized entrepreneur which have the stronger innovation spirit and development ability urgently, in the meantime,  China also need to cultivate some leader of entrepreneur which have international management level. Therefore, setting out from the Chinese fact economy, studying and investigating the related problem of construction of high diathesis entrepreneur is very significant for adjustment of Chinese industrial and improvement of its competition ability. 


The entrepreneur is a core between many main factors in the process of the production and management, and also is the leading actor of market economy stage. Amount and quality of entrepreneur are the important index signs of market economy flourishing degree of the nation. Formation and development of entrepreneur not only relate to the destiny of enterprise directly, but also relate to the competition ability of nation. The day after China join in the WTO, the original various protection which Chinese enterprise depend on will disappear gradually, and these enterprise will directly face to vigorous competition in international market. How to create some professional entrepreneur that not only understand the Chinese market economy, but also have the  international visual field, is the important problem that China needs to work out at present.

Key words: Chinese entrepreneurship, reform

Chapter One: Literature review文献综述

Firstly : An early discussion of entrepreneurs
The term Entrepreneur has a French origin, now it has the same usage in English:  this item about ‘Entrepreneur’ also appears in dictionary of Western countries.
Entrepreneur, in French, was first appeared in the early 16th century, the original meaning is a sort of adventurers, which means the person who took risks and led the military expedition. Even today, the word has always been linked with risk. After 1700, the term usually referred to contractors to build roads, bridges, fortifications, etc. for French government. Subsequently, it referred to contractors of construction industry.
Entrepreneur was first to defined in the mid-18th century, French writer Belliard, he defined as: ‘those who buy labor and materials with unfixed prices but sell their products under contracts.’ It is still relevant with contractors. Cantanon called each person who engaged in economic behaviors as entrepreneur, and that the function of entrepreneurs is to take risks.
In the late 18th century, economists of heavy agricultural school who engaged in agricultural cultivation论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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